Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Fun Was Had By All"

When I was growing up, we waited every week for the local newspaper, The Press-Dispatch to come out. We read all the latest news about Pike County: ambulance & police runs, school activities and local neighbor news. Bootsie Bellamy used to write stories about families in the Ayrshire area. She'd tell of church activities, hospital visits and family reunions. I fondly remember that she used to end her "column" by saying that "fun was had by all."

A more perfect phrase could not be found to sum up our vacation to Door County, Wisconsin last week! We met up with my sister, Jennifer and her husband, Kurt and their two beautiful (um, sorry, "ruggedly handsome" -- Jacob hates me calling any boy "beautiful"!) young sons, Blake and Luke, and their wonderful dog, Molly. We had a week of relaxation, laughter and making of great memories! My favorite moments were watching the kids play and giggle and entertain. I can still hear Blake's little voice shouting, "Jacob! Jacob! Jacob!" as he needed to know where Jacob was at all times. They made great buddies! Little Luke was a newborn the last time we saw him, so to see him so active and so eager to run with the big kids was a total thrill. Next time, big guy!

We had a wonderful time touring all of the quaint villages on the peninsula. We had been there 12 years earlier and were delighted to see that not much had changed. We love it as a vacation spot and won't wait so long to return. We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to spend quality time with Jennifer, Kurt and the boys. We miss them already!! We had such a great time just hanging out, playing putt-putt & croquet, shopping, boating and eating some wonderful meals together! We love them all very much and look forward to more family vacations in the future.

I took over 800 pictures, so trying to narrow down the pictures I wanted to post has been hard. So, today I uploaded a ton of them into a Photobucket album:

Enjoy the photos! I think I was able to capture some memorable moments from our trip. It was a Bootsie-worthy one: FUN was definitely had by all!! ;-)