Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Our neighborhood is chock full of kids. They all play so well together and get along with each other. Maddie is the oldest and the mother hen. Jacob just loves any chance to get outside and hang out with them all. Yesterday was a great day. It was sunny at times and unseasonably cool. The kids played outside with our favorite neighbors, the Stegemollers, for a couple of hours. I took the opportunity to snap a few pics of part of our happy, little neighborhood gang.

Ashley and Maddie: They are the best of buds!

Ashley begging Maddie to get her camera-happy mother away from them!

Ashley is happy as a clam to have Maddie tote her around and Maddie LOVES to help take care of Miss Ash. Maddie is so good with the little ones.

She's not too sure about me yet! I hope to win her over one of these days! She's cute as a bug!

Miss Hailey: She's a social butterfly! She slowed down long enough for a quick pic! I love this picture of her: captures her glow!

Maddie and Miss Shelby figuring out the rider situation.

They decided on a double-decker ride!

Shelby and Ashley: sweet, sweet!

"Maddie, gimme back that Gatorade!" (Maddie trying to get Ashley to look at the camera!)

Neighborhood parade!

Jacob slowed down for just a second for me.

Mr. Dylan saying: "Cheese, Jill, cheeeeeeeeessee!"
I love our neighborhood!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stay Tuned!

Well, I had the best of intentions to post all about Maddie's week at Hilltop and Jacob's "Favorite-Week-Of-The-Year-Because-My-Sister-Is-Gone-And-I-Can-Get-A-Word-In-Edgewise" Week. However, my ornery scanner has decided not to cooperate and talk to my computer so that I can upload any photos. Maddie's camera will not connect either! Technical issues frustrate me to no end, especially since I am not technical in any way, shape or form.

Suffice it to say that both had a GREAT week and things are back to pretty much the way they've been from the beginning!!

She's been talking his ear off for YEARS!! ;-)