Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Madeline Olivia!

Twelve years ago, we welcomed into this world our firstborn: Madeline Olivia Hooten. We knew she was a "she" as I HAD to know ahead of time! We couldn't wait to meet our "Maddie", named after my beloved mamaw, Madeline June Grady. After 34 hours of LABOR, she arrived on her due date. (I made a note to myself about her being stubborn, yet punctual!)

She has been such a wondrous addition to our lives. She is independent and opinionated, yet kind and compassionate. She has a great sense of humor, but HATES surprises. She's inquisitive and questions everything. So, I've learned that "because" is NEVER a suitable answer! She's intelligent, yet I worry about common sense skipping a generation! She loves to take care of little kids. She has tutored & mentored fellow students. She's learning to be responsible with chores and lots of homework. She challenges herself to try new things (except for riding a bike!) She dove right into cross country this year and we were so proud of her endurance and hard work.

Her favorite word is "No" (at least it's the one I hear the most!)

Her favorite color is Pink
Her favorite food is ice cream or chocolate or bread
She loves to watch winter ice sports! If there were a curling school nearby, she'd apply!
She loves the rodeo -- that's MY girl!
She loves school and her friends
She LOVES Jesus
She loves being quirky!

We love her!

Happy Birthday Maddie, MaddieMoo, MadHatter, Mad, Maddazzle!

Here's a photo tribute to Maddie through the years: