Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He Really Needs His Own Blog

Jacob brought home a backpack full of papers and junk from his desk today. I told him to sort out what he wanted to keep and pitch the rest. Here's what he kept and shared with me:

By "Jake S. Hooten"

It Really Bugs Me When....

"Do you want to get on my good side? Don't do the following things... It bugs me when bugs get in the house! -- It bugs me when my sister takes my D.S! (Seriously, just ask!) -- It bugs me when I have to run errands (Could my mom's list be any longer?) -- It bugs me when I have to return my favorite book to the library! -- It bugs me when I have to go home after I was at a friends house. (I wish I could stay 2 hours longer!)"

Well, he's wordy like me! It took two bugs to list his "bugs"!

I love that he is "Jake S. Hooten" at school. (Mrs. Klein asked him on the first day of school if he went by Jacob or Jake. He said, "Jake"! Nevermind the fact that we have never called him that! It's his alter-ego at school. When asked why he went with "Jake", he said "because it has a silent 'e'! Makes sense!)

I think he even spelled everything correctly. He's worked very hard at reading and spelling this year. He's made great progress.

Apparently, I need to run my lists by him before we run our errands!!

Ross noted that he writes just like he's blogging.

Yes. We had some ants in the pantry last weekend. Ant traps work wonders! I hate bugs too!

I'm so glad he was able to get that off his 8-year-old chest! He really is a happy-go-lucky kid. We love him to pieces!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Things Just Make Your Hair Stand on End!

My doctor recently uttered those dreadful words that I had hoped to never hear:

"Nothing from a box!"

WHAT?! Was she joking?

Didn't she care? Didn't she understand? Didn't she KNOW that I don't cook?! (I do not hide this fact.)

Boxed/pre-cooked meals are easy. They are quick. They are tasty. All of the ingredients are right there (well, except the required beef or chicken). Surely, she knew of such conveniences!

She did. She also knows how BAD they are. Phooey!

No more! No pasta. No bread. No rice. No potatoes. No McDonald's sweet tea! (I wept over that one!) Nothing from a box. And, she meant it!

I was hurt. I was confused. I didn't know what to say. (Old Little Rascals Saturday Night Live skit. I couldn't resist throwing it in! If you've seen it, you'll know just how I sounded!) ;-D

Actually, I knew this was coming. I had requested the extensive blood work (which took 12 viles of blood from my body!) to get the cold, hard facts. I wasn't surprised by the results: high cholesterol and pre-diabetes. I was saddened, but mostly aggravated, that I'd let years of neglect and indulgence lead me to this point. But, I am not going to wallow in it. No-sir-ree-Bob! We're making some changes around here! I came away from our 45-minute confab with a new sense of "sticktoit"tiveness and an attitude of "Let's Do This Thing"!

So far, I am getting the changes in my diet down: egg whites, fish, nuts, white cheese only, water, water, water, and lots of fresh veggies. I've given up soda pop and have now been CAFFEINE-FREE for 2 weeks and 2 days! Here's the kicker on the caffeine "cold turkey": WITHOUT a single headache! That was my sign. My sign that God has heard my prayers and has my back. I have tried to give up caffeine in the past and have caved after 2 days due to HORRENDOUS headaches. But, not this time! I know that He's present with me on this journey in a very real way. I am not craving all of the bad stuff or longing to eat any (and all) of the things in the pantry or fridge that are not on my list. Not even a smidge of desire to break away. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!! EVER! I have ALWAYS wanted to cheat and fudge on the plan. Not this time. He's being strong for me until I can stand on my own. (Thank you.)

"You say to me, Lord, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Your power can rest on me." (2 Corinthians 12:9)

So, I am letting you all in on my weakness. I have made the decision to SURRENDER it to Him (I'll deal with my weakness for handbags later. One hurdle at a time!) and break the chains that have had my health and well-being in bondage.

I am seeing results, which is great motivation. Now, I need to start on the activity/exercise part of the plan! That's my next step. So, I'll report back in a couple of weeks on my progress in that area. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'll start this off by saying, "I am a Hoot!" (I have papers to certify it!)

I usually introduce myself as "Jill Hooten. You know, like "Rootin' Tootin'!" It's easy for people to remember! (Induces eye-rolling in my children, but they'll understand the usefulness one day!)

I have been mulling over how to open my blog to the world (or at least the 3 people who may read it occasionally!) I laughed as I listened to a song by one of my favorite bands (Barenaked Ladies) last week that keeps sticking in my head. Here's the lyric that sums up my entry in the blogosphere:

"I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loser.
I'm so smart, too bad I can't get anything figured out.
I'm so brave, too bad I'm a baby.
I'm so fly, that's probably why it feels just like I'm BLOGGING for the first time."
(I substituted "blogging" for "falling", but it works.)

I have a friend (StillHisGirl) who has been encouraging me to start a blog for quite some time now. I always tell her, "I have nothing to post about." I don't homeschool. I don't have any recipes to share. I don't have any crafty ideas to share. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn! Well, her b-day was a couple of weeks ago and I thought, "What a great gift idea!" I was a little slow out of the gate and I didn't quite get it ready in time, but here it is. (This is the longest birthday celebration ever, girlfriend!)

I hope to chronicle the lives of our little family. I have been married to my soulmate, Ross, for 15 years now. We have brought into this world a couple of lovable comedians: Madeline (11) and Jacob (8). We have no pets. (We met the "3 Strikes and You're Out!" limitation for dog ownership. Long story!) We live in the heart of Hoosier Land and love our "small" town, especially after it clears out in May!

We are a family who believes that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected to save us from our sins. I hope to instill in our children that our purpose in life is to glorify God in all we do. We have a tremendous church family and circle of friends that supports that message.

You'll notice that I don't list "Books I Love". I work full-time from home for one of the local hospitals. I pour over medical documentation (aka Physician Hieroglyphics!) all day long, so sitting down with a book is not my first choice for relaxation. I do list "Songs I Love" because I LOVE to listen to music, mostly contemporary Christian. It inspires me. It lifts me up. It blesses me. (I like to crank a little U2 or Duran Duran every once in a while too! Hey, I am a girl of the 80's!)

I live by the "3L" factor: Listen, Laugh, Love. Laughter is a must for our family. Laughter every single day. It heals. It nurtures. It teaches. It is the glue that holds us together. I love to tell stories about my kids. They make me laugh. I love their smiles.

So, stay tuned. I hope this blog will give a glimpse into our family life. It's a Hoot!