Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'll start this off by saying, "I am a Hoot!" (I have papers to certify it!)

I usually introduce myself as "Jill Hooten. You know, like "Rootin' Tootin'!" It's easy for people to remember! (Induces eye-rolling in my children, but they'll understand the usefulness one day!)

I have been mulling over how to open my blog to the world (or at least the 3 people who may read it occasionally!) I laughed as I listened to a song by one of my favorite bands (Barenaked Ladies) last week that keeps sticking in my head. Here's the lyric that sums up my entry in the blogosphere:

"I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loser.
I'm so smart, too bad I can't get anything figured out.
I'm so brave, too bad I'm a baby.
I'm so fly, that's probably why it feels just like I'm BLOGGING for the first time."
(I substituted "blogging" for "falling", but it works.)

I have a friend (StillHisGirl) who has been encouraging me to start a blog for quite some time now. I always tell her, "I have nothing to post about." I don't homeschool. I don't have any recipes to share. I don't have any crafty ideas to share. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn! Well, her b-day was a couple of weeks ago and I thought, "What a great gift idea!" I was a little slow out of the gate and I didn't quite get it ready in time, but here it is. (This is the longest birthday celebration ever, girlfriend!)

I hope to chronicle the lives of our little family. I have been married to my soulmate, Ross, for 15 years now. We have brought into this world a couple of lovable comedians: Madeline (11) and Jacob (8). We have no pets. (We met the "3 Strikes and You're Out!" limitation for dog ownership. Long story!) We live in the heart of Hoosier Land and love our "small" town, especially after it clears out in May!

We are a family who believes that Jesus Christ died and was resurrected to save us from our sins. I hope to instill in our children that our purpose in life is to glorify God in all we do. We have a tremendous church family and circle of friends that supports that message.

You'll notice that I don't list "Books I Love". I work full-time from home for one of the local hospitals. I pour over medical documentation (aka Physician Hieroglyphics!) all day long, so sitting down with a book is not my first choice for relaxation. I do list "Songs I Love" because I LOVE to listen to music, mostly contemporary Christian. It inspires me. It lifts me up. It blesses me. (I like to crank a little U2 or Duran Duran every once in a while too! Hey, I am a girl of the 80's!)

I live by the "3L" factor: Listen, Laugh, Love. Laughter is a must for our family. Laughter every single day. It heals. It nurtures. It teaches. It is the glue that holds us together. I love to tell stories about my kids. They make me laugh. I love their smiles.

So, stay tuned. I hope this blog will give a glimpse into our family life. It's a Hoot!


  1. WOHOO!!!! LOVE it!!! Love everything about it; design, what you wrote, the title, address, everything. ESPECIALLY that you actually DID it!! :) It is a happy bday to me. :)

  2. YIPPEE!!!!...the Hootie Blog is finally up and running!!!!

    But, darn...I'm not the first to leave a comment...Cindy beat me to it! :) Oh well, since it was just her b-day I guess I'll let it slide :)

    Hats off to you, my wonderful friend and neighbor, Jill (aka HootieMama), on your first blog post. I had no doubt it would be a funny one (regardless of your "dull" life! :)) and you didn't disappoint with your humor and great pics of your crazy kiddos. I always laugh that you think you have nothing to share in life, cuz I find you beyond impressive in your wisdom and comic relief. And I am thrilled that you've finally joined the blog ranks so now I can spy on you daily online as well as from across the street :) :) You know I love ya, friend....and I feel so blessed that you are a part of my life. And I'm so, so very envious of your awesome blog design. Since I've plum run out of space on my blog (and the fact that my blog is still named inappropriately post-Ash...I think you might have to share your design secrets :)

    Love ya', friend, and thanks for making my day with your blog! It's a happy day for me too even though it's not my b-day and I wasn't the first to comment :)

  3. Yay!!! Welcome to blogosphere!! Blake will love seeing pictures of Jacob and Maddie!! Can't wait for Wisconsin!!

  4. You are FANTASTIC! I can't wait to read your stuff. I love you and your family and LOVE your blog already. Now I won't feel so desperate when I go a few weeks without hugging your neck in person.

  5. a hoosier from southern indiana looking forward to your blog! i bet it will be great like jen's!

  6. I loved reading your blog. You really are good at it even though you might not think you are. You make me laugh and seeing pictures of your children is a bonus! I can't wait to see what you post next! I feel blest to have you in my life and in Olivias. Your heart at 2Bme is incredible and each person is better because of you. I will miss not being a part of it next year since Olivia has grown out of it but I meet a great friend because of it. Thanks!

  7. Great job Jill!! Your site looks terrific! I enjoyed reading it and you always make me laugh and smile. You bring Joy to whatever you do and whomever you meet. Thank you for sharing your life and children. I know Olivia is better because of your class and I meet a dear friend as well. Can't wait for your next post!