Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stay Tuned!

Well, I had the best of intentions to post all about Maddie's week at Hilltop and Jacob's "Favorite-Week-Of-The-Year-Because-My-Sister-Is-Gone-And-I-Can-Get-A-Word-In-Edgewise" Week. However, my ornery scanner has decided not to cooperate and talk to my computer so that I can upload any photos. Maddie's camera will not connect either! Technical issues frustrate me to no end, especially since I am not technical in any way, shape or form.

Suffice it to say that both had a GREAT week and things are back to pretty much the way they've been from the beginning!!

She's been talking his ear off for YEARS!! ;-)


  1. Jill,

    It was great seeing you and the kids yesterday! I'm glad you are had a fun filled summer! Hopefully, I'll see you around town!

    Angee B.

  2. Bummer about your technical difficulties. I can't wait to hear/see more of the Hilltop fun. And can I just say that pic of your "babies" is completely adorable! Little Mad and Jake are the cutest. Am I wrong or is this about the time we moved across the street?? Though I don't remember Jacob being a baby like this so I'm probably way off. Time goes by too fast, huh?!