Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Into the Lions' Den!

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the Truth. --- 3 John 1:4

The start of the school year was a bigger event than usual for us this year. It brought new supplies, new grades, new teachers and a new school!

We are now Lighthouse Christian Academy Lions!

The second semester of the last school year was heartwrenching on a number of levels for us: peer pressure, ambivilance and inattention, poor choices with negative consequences, lack of accountability, lack of communication and lack of care and concern.

We circled the wagon and plotted a new course to ensure that the kids would be in an environment that challenged them academically, nurtured them as individuals and, most importantly, reflected and reinforced the values of accountability and responsibility in a caring and attentive environment.

We had friends and several families that we know at church who send their children to Lighthouse, so we checked it out. It was just what we were looking for: rigorous cirriculum, focus on the basics, activities for the kids, and a mission to provide a quality education in the setting of strong, Christian values. After much discussion and prayer, we made the decision to transfer the kids from Summit to Lighthouse. I have never been more at peace with a decision. It will mean some changes around the Hooten House -- private education ain't cheap! -- but what price do you put on knowing that your children are receiving a quality education in an environment where they are safe and cared for. I can learn to like Ramen noodles for that! :-)

Maddie had several friends from church who were going to be in her class, so she was SUPER excited! Jacob only knew a couple of kids, but he's "Mr.-Go-With-The-Flow" and was just as excited. They didn't go to school with most of their close friends anyway, so that made it a little easier as well. They see the friends from Summit at church as well, so we'll still be seeing them.

After we got our acceptance call, we drove over to take a picture by the sign!

Maddie with friends Paige, Emily, Breanna, Anna and her new desk buddy, Luke!

Jacob on the first day of school. He is loving Mrs. Pinkard's 3rd grade class. He has made friends quickly and "can't believe how fast the days go!"

Obligatory "Mom-Made-Us-Stand-In-Front-Of-The-Building-With-The-Sun-In-Our-Eyes-To-Get-A-First-Day-Of-School-Picture" picture!

"Stop with the camera or I'll pounce!" picture

The backpack was almost bigger than the packer! Note the peanut butter "Bug Catcher" jar on the back: Mrs. Pinkard is all about INSECTS!! They get to bring in bugs and such to class (just no snakes per her request!!)

"Back-to-School" Night at his new desk

Modeling their new school colors!

They've been really busy and hit the ground running. They had to catch up a bit the first couple of weeks on things that they had not done at Summit, but they have made the transition beautifully and are very happy -- that makes me happy and assures us that we made the right decision. The theme for the school year is "Partnership with Parents" -- bullseye!


  1. best of luck to the kids at the new school! they look great in their school colors & look like they are already settled in!

  2. Love it...love everything about the changes in the Hootie household :) I see the peace you have with this big decision and the joy in the eyes of your sweet kiddos and it makes my heart so happy to see how God has led you to this place. What a great blessing your new school home is to all of you. And I love all the pics, esp. the "mom made us stand in front of the school with the sun in our eyes...". I'm glad I'm not the only one who tortures my children with pictures :) And love the new Lions decked out in their attire. So happy the transition has gone well. We love you guys and are your #1 fans across the way! :)

  3. Thanks Sara! They are definitely settling in -- their activities are keeping us hopping!

    And,Kel: thank you so much for your love and support for all of us. You truly know my heart and have been such a tremendous sounding board for all of the ups and downs that the last year has brought. I value your friendship more than you know. We love your family dearly and I can't imagine having better neighbors for my kids to grow up with. Love ya!