Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movie Night on Leighton Lane

Movie Night at the Hooten House!
We had our favorite neighbor kiddies over for a movie last week! It was so cute as they all came over in their jammies with blankets and snacks ready for a show!
Scooby Doo was the movie of choice for the gang! It was about mummies and Cleopatra's tomb.
Can you believe your eyes??! I have a new buddy!! Ashley finally let me hold her! We shared some Cap'n Crunch Peanut Butter Puffs and all was well with the world!! Here she's saying, "Auntie Jill is #1!!!"
Ashley calling her daddy: "Da. Da. Da. Da. Da. Da. Da." Too cute! She knew exactly what to do with the phone! I worry about Kev and Kel's phone bill one of these days! Ha!
Ashley and Maddie playing "Who's Hiding Under the Red Handkerchief?"

Ashley thought Maddie needed a snack and kept stuffing peanut butter puffs in her mouth!

Ash starting to tucker out about 9:15.

Dylan mesmerized by the movie. Note his 3 plates of snacks! We basically had a junk food smorgasbord going that night and Dylan tried it all: Skittles, gummie LifeSavers, popcorn, breadsticks, donut holes,cereal and whatever else was discovered in the pantry. We sent him home with a doggie bag. I told Kelly and Kevin that next time I would serve chocolate-covered broccoli to get something healthy in! ;-)

Ashley decided to call it a night and napped on big sis, Hailey! We thought this was too precious.
We had so much fun! We can't wait to do it again soon!

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  1. Oh Jill, those are simply precious pics...and precious movie memories at the Hootie House. The kids had a ball that night and we definitely need to do that again....we can swap houses this time and give you and Ross a night on the town :) But, seriously, I was sitting here chuckling up a storm just now...that pic of you and Ash has to go down in the record books. It's proof that she really does love her "Auntie" Jill :) And, yes, you are just took Ash awhile to notice this...we've all known it all along! And LOL at the platefuls of snacks surrounding surprise had everything he liked! He's hinted he might want to move in with you if you are willing! And those pics of Ash starting to tucker out on Mad and finally passing out on Hailey...melts my heart. What a fun night! We so cherish you, our dear Leighton friends and neighbors. If you ever move we will have to follow! Love ya' lots!!! And thanks again for the photo session're the BEST! :)