Friday, October 2, 2009

Sweet Sixteen!

My, oh, My!! Where does the time go? Ross and I have been married for 16 years today! It seems like yesterday (well, maybe the day before yesterday!) that I met and fell in love with Ross while visiting my dear friend, Craig Williams, at Wabash College. It didn't take very long for us to realize that we were meant to be together. (I don't think the girl he was dating at the time saw it that way!) But, oh well, when it's meant to be, it's meant to be!
Our first official date: dinner @ Lennie's and "JFK"
October 2, 1993 @ Beck Chapel
Date selected because it was the only weekend in October with no home football game! Ross' favorite story about our wedding is that he's not sure it's legal because he never officially proposed! Now, let me set the record straight: while he never got down on his knee and asked "Will you marry me?", we had talked about marriage often. We knew that we wanted to get married in the Fall and I had always wanted to be married at Beck Chapel. We had limited dates to work with, so I asked, "What do you think?" He agreed. End of story! ;-)
We've always been the unconventional pair! (Of course, that resulted in 9 toasters as wedding gifts, but that's another story!)

Our wedding party: Jennifer, Nan & Julie -- Tom, Paul & Jeff

Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Jacob Hooten III (no, he doesn't call me "Lovey"!)

16 years and counting! I am looking forward to 16+ more!
Like any marriage, ours is not perfect, but I couldn't have picked a more perfect match for me to love and travel this highway called "life" with. I love you Ross with all my heart! You are truly my beloved, my soulmate and my best friend.
Happy Anniversary!


  1. happy anniversary to you guys! the story of your romance has brought a smile to my face tonight!

  2. Oh Me, Oh My! How could I have missed your anniversary!!!??? Happy 16th, you two!! I am sitting here laughing my keester off at those old pics of you both. Is that a loft bed you're sitting under? Boy, does that bring back memories of college and cool sweaters (love that sripey one you're wearing, Jill :))! And check out the mustache on Ross! Rico Suave! :) What a wonderful trip down memory lane. Love the wedding pics. You were a beautiful bride, Jill :) And now look at ya' happy and as in love as ever. You've got a lot to show for those sweet 16 years! And, yes, you are a perfect match and we're blessed to know you both! Congrats!!
    P.S. You can never have too many toasters, right?! :)