Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jacob Sterling!

Today is my baby boy's 9th birthday! How the time flies! He has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives over the last nine years. He's our "Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky"! He is the most pleasant and content child you'd ever want to meet. I honestly can say that I've never witnessed a single tantrum! He loves to sit on my lap and hold my hand. I treasure his sweet and gentle nature.

He loves sports of EVERY kind! He gives each one he plays 110%! He works hard to improve at each one. He can often be found practicing hoops, throws, hits, kicks, etc. in the back yard -- all year long, no matter the weather! He loves to watch the PBR bulls and cowboys with us too! I treasure his enthusiasm for action.

He is our little patriot. He loves military history. He loves to learn about the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. He loves to study about World War 2. He loves to watch shows about the Marines boot camp. He dreams of attending West Point. I treasure his respect and love of his country, even at such a young age.

He loves time with friends & family. He loves his new school. He loves going to church. He loves Jesus. He LOVES to sing! (Journey's Greatest Hits is a current favorite!) He loves to have mock battles in the backyard. He snores. He's a good little brother. He's a nightowl. He loves Westerns. He could eat his weight in cranberry sauce or popcorn! He giggles at EVERYTHING! His smiling face makes my day!

I am so thankful to God for the blessing of getting to be his mom!

Here are some pics of my beautiful (uh-hem, "Ruggedly Handsome"!) boy through the years:

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  1. Happy Birthday to our most favoritest newly 9 year old neighbor!!! What a ruggedly awesome tribute to your boy, Jill! That slideshow is simply priceless. Loved every picture. Dylan's sat here and watched it all with me and he kept saying over and over again, "Jacob's not a baby anymore" :) LOL! I think he too couldn't believe how much Jacob's grown over the years. I still remember him as a little toddler when we moved in across the street in 2002. And now look at him...Mr. Personality and all-pro-sports boy and the smiliest guy I know. It's a pleasure and blessing to know you, Jacob! I hope we get to witness the next 9 years of your growth. You are one super "kid"! B-day Hugs from Across the Way, The Steg Six

  2. Happy 9th birthday "Jake"! We love you very much and can't wait to see you again! We'll start training Luke to say Jacob so he can follow you around and say your name 100 times too! (Just teasing!) We think you are a top notch guy too! Miss you!