Wednesday, February 3, 2010

40, 40, 40, FORTY!!

Happy 40th Birthday to my wonderful hubby, Ross!!
I love you very much!!


  1. LOL! That is a mighty hilarious (I mean, handsome) pic of our fav. 40 year old neighbor! :) Oh Happy Day, Ross! We've been thinking of ya' all day and hoping your day has gone smoothly. I just pulled in the drive and noticed your big b-day banner displayed proudly on the house and I'm sure you're having a big ol' Hootie party with that crazy wife and kids of yours. You're top notch, Ross...and we couldn't ask for a better "old man" neighbor than yourself. Here's to 40 more and beyond. Happy B-day from the Stegs Across the Way! P.S. Jill, where's a nice slideshow for the big b-day boy? I was hoping to see 40 years worth of pics of good ol' Ross! :) J/K :)

  2. happy birthay daddy! i agree i wanna c a slideshow 2!