Friday, June 12, 2009

Hilltop "Icebreaker" Bound!

Camp time! This time was Jacob's turn. He set off on Sunday to Hilltop Christian Camp for his very first "away from home" trip! He had been looking forward to it for a long time. Here he is all packed and ready to go:

Daddy and Jacob took off for the "Dorm on the Hill" to find his room and unpack and make his bed while I got him checked in. (This picture melts my heart! My big boy!) Plus, that's a LOT of stuff for a 3-day, 2 night stay. He packs like his momma!

All set in his top bunk! We let him pick out new sheets for camp: Cowboys!

When we got to camp, we discovered two of Jacob's good friends & neighbors, Hope and Hailey were there too! He was so glad to see them!

Ross made a new friend too! He got to hold little Miss Ashley! She went right to him and let him hold her for longer than 5 seconds (my current record!) She LOVES Maddie too and lets Mad tote her around all the time. I just haven't won her over yet. Ross must have what it takes!

She's just about the cutest baby EVER! -- besides my own! Here's Maddie giving Jacob some last minute camp advice! She's quite the veteran camper and can't wait to become a camp counselor in a couple of years!
The kids get "mail" at camp too! One of the funniest things from the week was one of the cards that Maddie wrote to Jacob with her wise advice:

"Dear Jacob,

This is a letter of advice that you should follow:

  1. Be nice
  2. Respect your elders
  3. Eat your veggies
  4. Have fun
  5. Make new friends
  6. Don't eat the crawdads!
  7. Take showers
  8. Don't push anyone off the bridge to their death in the creek.
  9. Pay attention so that you learn more about Jesus
  10. Don't eat too much from the Canteen"

She's full of camping wisdom! (thankfully, he did heed #8!)

So, we picked him up on Tuesday evening. He was none the worse for wear. He had a great week making new friends and learning more about turning to Jesus 24/7!

He's looking forward to spending a whole week at Hilltop next year!


  1. LOL! I dare say Jake packed more stuff for Hilltop than Hailey! But, then again he heeded Mad's advice on #7 and I don't think Hailey did. We were appalled that she was wearing the same outfit at drop-off and pick-up! :)

    But, it was a lovely surprise to see all your friendly faces there on Sunday and was like a Highlands reunion. And I was very impressed by Ross and his baby skills. If Ash likes him you know he must be a good guy! Great pics and great memories. Our babies are growing up (sigh). Love ya, friend!

  2. Ashley still hates me. :(

    Maddie looks so grown up in those pics! Make her stop, make her stoooooppppppp!!!!!!!

  3. His luggage cracks me up! :)
    Jenna would have loved it, but it was just too much on top of Wicked and Mexico. :(

  4. i love how much he packed, my kiddos & i are the same way! his sister had some great advice. that's too sweet!

    i hope he had a great time.